Our program consists of specialized courses aimed at giving you firsthand training from seasoned
and award-winning professionals currently working in the field. Each course meets one night per week
for eight weeks.

Specific course offerings each semester are based upon the following factors:

• Enrollment and demand

• Instructor availability (our instructors are all full-time working professionals with demanding schedules)

Courses are rigorous and reflect current trends in the industry. Admissions to all courses are based upon
a portfolio review and an informal interview.

1 + 1 = 3

$750 / Eight weeks

All things in life have a natural connection and association. Learn how to combine any two unrelated things
to generate breakthrough ideas in this creative problem-solving course. Assignments ranging from advertising, design, social and environmental issues will be the focus, using the 1+1=3 method to create solutions. If you always wanted to be a creative thinker and problem solver, but were never taught how to actually do it, this course is a must.

Visual Compositing

$750 / Eight weeks

You have a great idea, but how do you bring it to life with an image? Through basic and advanced photoshop techniques, you’ll learn how to create visuals that showcase your ideas with clarity and power. This is more than just a photoshop course. This is photo creation for Art Directors and Designers whose job is to create imagery that instantly communicates an idea to sell a product or service. Students will gain insight into what makes a compelling image that not only looks great, but that brings an idea to life, whether on your site, or in the boardroom. Requirements: Laptops/computers and access to Adobe Photoshop.

Ad Concepts

$750 / Eight weeks

This class takes the skills developed in 1+1=3 and applies them to the fundamentals of creating provocative print, poster and outdoor media. The basics of simple, strategic messages will be introduced, and students will learn to execute them effectively. More intensive weekly assignments will be given, and students will learn what makes an ad not just informative but emotionally memorable.


$750 / Eight weeks

Before you can get to that amazing creative idea, you need to know who you're talking to and what they
really care about. That's what strategy is. The strategic idea is what you need to say and the creative idea
is how you're going to say it. You’ll learn how to unlock consumer and cultural insights so that you can go
on to develop ideas that are relevant and culturally contagious. Topics will include research techniques used by planning professionals, brand positioning, and writing kick-ass briefs that will inspire breakthrough ideas. This course is highly recommended for both strategists and creatives alike.

Advanced Concepts

$750 / Eight weeks

Campaign ideas are the focus here with a deep exploration into brand strategy and how that sets the tone for bringing out the truth of a brand or product.

Integrated Solutions

$750 / Eight weeks

Digging deep into digital and social media solutions, students will learn to find the big idea and to engage
the audience with their insight. Students will be taught to solve the business problem above all else.
No matter how integrated and holistic a campaign may be, one thing is for sure: Creative Directors won’t
take the time to try to figure out what the big idea is if it’s too complicated. This course delves deeper into integrated ideas and the need for simplicity in not just concept but in execution.

Design / Typography

$750 / Eight weeks

Design, layout and typography will be emphasized in order to polish and tighten your portfolio pieces. Through lectures and critiques, students will learn how design can take brands to the next level and connect with consumers. This will be an intensive course where art direction and craftsmanship will be scrutinized.

Book Prep

$750 / Eight weeks

Students will hone in on finalizing all concepts for their portfolios and polishing the overall presentation
of their work. No details will be spared in the fine tuning and crafting of concepts and executions.
Marketing oneself as a brand and how that reflects in the presentation of your work will also be a focus,
as craftsmanship in developing a personal site and printed portfolio will be explored.

Career Prep

$600 / Six weeks

There is no secret to finding the right job yet there are particular qualities that can help set you apart from the rest. Your personal brand should be promoted, developed, and understood just the same as your clients. You will learn how to market and present yourself to potential employers—both in the digital space and face to face. You'll be provided with tools to aid in your job search, interviewing, and building your network.

Course offerings may change to reflect the changes in our industry.


Our courses stress ideas above all else. Before you can make something beautiful, you’ll have to make it smart.

"I learned more in 1+1=3 than
I did all my years in college.
We were taught one of the most difficult things to achieve as art directors and designers: clear, simple and smart concepts."

Shelly Tse
ACD Alumni
Lookthinkmake, Austin

"The value of concept in design had been preached to me by teachers, but no one had ever actually walked me through the process of creating it. My view of design changed completely in that first class. I had always been focused on how my work looked and not on what it communicated."

Jon Coyle
ACD Alumni
Art Director
Fallbrook Technologies, Austin

"The approach to thinking that you learn at ACD will shape the way you listen, learn and interact with people and ideas that goes way beyond making ads. It's that expanded view
of what's possible that fosters creative thinking more than anything else."

Victor Abijaoudi
ACD Alumni
Primal 7